Purpose In Focus

Purpose I love. Purpose in focus is not always my strong suit. I suppose, since this is happening around the New Year, one could say this is a resolution of some sort. But, turns out, it’s not. Just one of the coincidinks.

This is part of a journey I’ve been on for some time. I’ve been working with people who are helping me see that wandering around aimlessly through life, which is both a very cool way to live life and kind of how I have up to this point, is unlikely to be the fulfill my purpose-filled life the universe designed just for me.

I think this blog hits it’s purpose more often than not. The goal now is to move it forward with some focus and discipline to expand the readership and offer a message of hope to the millions of us who are burdened by our society’s inherent ableist constructs .

I’m not about regimen, but purpose and focus (not mental focus, but staying close to our vision, our purpose – that internal guide that drives who we are and what we have to offer life) are high on my list. If we are living in an ableist society, they are critical components for people with chronic pain, chronic illness and disability.

Able-bodied society, on the other hand, with all it’s strong points, has painted so much of itself into a corner. It is big on regimen, which is a challenge for the rest of us, but our inability to work with regimen is not our deficiency. The limitations society has labeled upon us are more a reflection of their tightly wound rules and regulations which prevent society as a whole (that means including you and me) from truly experiencing everything it has to offer itself, the planet and all the living beings (you know, animals and fishies and stuffs) on it.

In short, society has created a round hole, and we are a square peg. Nothing wrong with square pegs. Society simply doesn’t understand yet what they are missing. That is our purpose, in a way. To make clear how much we really have to offer, so they are incented to increase the size of their hole. Once done, we’ll fit in just fine.

When I read back on my initial goals for this blog, I am still on board with them:

  1. Sharing what I’ve found that works for me as a person with chronic pain, chronic illness and disability.
  2. To be of service. I shall define this going forward to mean ‘to spread a message of hope and empowerment to people adjusting to life with chronic pain, chronic illness and/or chronic disability’.
  3. To share the progress of my journey of purpose. This is a spiritual journey, and I will discuss spiritual things. This need not be offensive to anyone if we use the Oxford Living Dictionary definition of spiritual, which is, “Relating to or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.” So in these discussions we will talk less about material or physical things, and more about our feelings and how we orient to our situation, life and the people around us. Our goal is to shed societal ideals of what we should be and find purpose and focus to our lives. The further we move this direction, the more peace and serenity we can find. Capisce?
  4. To share ‘fun’. Most people I speak with who are new to chronic pain, chronic illness or disability have one major loss in common: FUN. With all the changes which appear to deeply demand their immediate and full attention, the time for fun evaporates and with it many of the social outlets and family relationships we cherished. It doesn’t have to be this way, and one of the keys is to remember to have some fun, even when it seems impossible. Many of the non-blog pages on this site are about ways to have fun even if we are unable to participate in activities we once enjoyed.

There was one item missing from my list — Change the F-ing world! Yes! We can do that together, one day at a time. Every time we change just one thing about ourselves, about our perspective, about how we interact with ourselves and others we are changing the world! So why not add it, it’s what we’re doing anyway. For me, on my journey of purpose and focus, it means I must focus on getting this message out to more of you. It means I can’t just write, I have to network and expand my communication venues. In so doing, we may come to meet each other and get to know each other even more. Heck, why not look forward to our having a community of some sort, where we exchange ideas and change the F-ing world BIG TIME! Oh yeah baby – we can do that too!

So this is  our focus – Sharing, Service, Spirituality, Fun and Change (SharSeSpirFunCh for short – grin).

Each week I will write one or more posts which includes one or more of these concepts. What it will touch on specifically can still vary wildly, which is awesome. In addition, I will be adding a YouTube blog to the mix soon, so look forward to that!


And, for those of you familiar with what’s beyond the blogs, the tons of links here to interesting stuff will continue to expand and be maintained. They too will have our SharSeSpirFunCh focus (that’s pronounced shar-see’-spir-funch, by the way).

Finally, I have posted for some time as ‘Chris Martin’, a pseudonym I used for various reasons. My journey is now at a place where it only makes sense to share with you the name most people know me by. It’s only my first name, but it’s quite unique. I used to dabble in the arena of stand-up, and my first name sufficed then, so I presume it will suffice now. I’m P.Christine.

No. That’s not a typo. The “P.” is part of my legal first name and written out it is P.Christine. My friends call me “PC”.

Nice to meet you. Shall we grow together?


P.S. -> If you are wondering, I do have a New Year resolution to lose some of this weight my sedentary body has packed on. How I got suckered into making it an actual resolution I’ll never know…but now you know…(grins)

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