I’m Still Here

Sending a note out to all those who are sick, in pain, without a glamorous well-funded condition receiving lots of medical attention and providing support.

I know options are few and days and nights can be so difficult. Some of us are alone now, the burden being too great for some partners and kids who may be grown and living the lives for which they were so lovingly prepared.

Now it might feel like it is just us. But I’m here, and you’re here, and we’re not alone.

Our choices are limited and, it is true, vultures surround us with all kinds of promises hoping to feast on the funds and energy we have left. Not everyone will understand the choices we make, because no one really has a feel for the shoes we wear. They are like a iron mask, heavy, with little maneuverability. We would remove them if we could, but we can’t. For whatever reason, they are welded in place, for now at least.

I want you to know I have these feelings too, sometimes. You’re not alone, we just aren’t face-to-face. I respect you and the decisions you make as you work to balance your needs with society’s demands and pressures. I’m still here. If your’e reading this, so are you – so in this moment we are together.

Outside my window today it’s sunny. It’s a good day. People are doing their people things, and that is how it is supposed to be. And we, well, we are just spending this moment together. i take time for some gratitude for the sunshine, for you, for waking up this morning. It’s do-able knowing you are out there too, getting through life. So I thank and honor you, even if I never hear your voice, even if you never reply. I send you warm light. Peace my friend.

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