Seriously? Thanks for Highlighting This Consumerist!

With TV viewers increasingly turning to streaming services or fast-forwarding through commercials on their DVR, product placement is hotter than ever. Reality show contestants have to carry around a company’s mascot for an entire episode; there’s an entire show coming that’s just an ad for an app (it rhymes with “blazzam”). But did a classic […] via Doctors Say ‘General Hospital’ Made Character Ill Just To Advertise Drug — Consumerist Continue reading Seriously? Thanks for Highlighting This Consumerist!

What Is Acceptance, Really?

And since time can move me toward acceptance, but too much time can whiz me right past it, time is not the ‘key’ to acceptance. It is a constant effort which I believe has many facets – not the least of which is play or fun. It turns out, intensity does not lead me to acceptance either. It seems to come in a relaxed but aware state. Continue reading What Is Acceptance, Really?

One’s Journey Begets Another’s

I shared through tears that although it did not look good now, I would sort out the pain of loss I was feeling and dedicate my life to demonstrating how motherly love helped mold a person capable of loving, happiness, service, caring, gratitude and all the other ingredients of life that lend themselves to providing more goodness to the world than we take from it. Continue reading One’s Journey Begets Another’s