Accipitridae [3.31.17]

Sparrowhawk Cam 2, Sparrowhawk Island, Cheshire, England, UK

Asteraceae – Finches [3.31.17]

Patty’s Goldfinch Cam, South Yorkshire, England, UK


Gulls, puffins, sandpipers

Audubon Guillemot Burrow Cam, Machias Seal Island, Grand Manan, US/CN (seasonal, begins in May)

Audubon Puffin Boulder Berm, Machias Seal Island, Grand Manan, US/CN (seasonal, begins in May)

Audubon Puffin Burrow, Machias Seal Island, Grand Manan, US/CN (seasonal, begins in May)

Audubon Puffin Loafing Ledge, Machias Seal Island, Grand Manan, US/CN (seasonal, begins in May)

Ciconiiformes – Herons and Storks [3.26.17]

Blue Heron, Amersterdam, Netherlands

Great Blue Heron, Chesapeake Conservancy, Annapolis, MD, USA [live and windy]

Live Heron Cam, Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada [seasonal in Spring]

Storcher, Gögglingen, Ulm, Germany

Stork, Geneep, Limburg, Netherlands

Storks, Droonessa, Drenthe, Netherlands

White Storks, Slawacinku Old, Poland

Coraciiformes – Kingfishers [3.22.17]

Kingfisher, Brabant, Netherlands

Kingfisher Perch, Wild Meadows, Somerset, England, UK [beautiful blue King Fisher perched]


Eagles, falcons, hawks, ospreys and vultures


American Eagle Foundation Nest Cams, Pigeon Forge, TN, USA

Alcoa EagleCam, Davenport, IA, USA

Bald Canyon Eagles, Channel Islands, CA, USA [3.31.17]

Big Bear Bald Eagle Cam, San Bernadino Mountains, CA, USA [3.31.17]

The Black Eagle Cam, Johannesburg, South Africa

Berry Eagles’ “Nest” and “Approach” Cams, Mount Berry, GA, USA

CarbonTV Eagle Cam, Traverse City State Forest, Beulah, MI, USA [Eagles are on nest as of 3.22.17]

DC Eagle Cam, Washington, DC, USA [3.23.17]

DNR EagleCam, MN, USA

Duke Farms Eagle Camera, Hillsborough, NJ, USA

Eagle Valley, Glen Haven, WI, USA [3.22.17]

EagleCam, National Conservation Training Center, Shepardstown, WV, USA [3.23.17]

Eagle Cameras, Tallinn Zoo, Tallinn, Estonia [3.23.17]

Eagles4Kids, Blair, WI, USA

Fraser Point Bald Eagle Nest, Santa Cruz, CA, USA [3.31.17]

Harrison Bay Eagle Cam, Harrison, TN, USA (seasonal)

Hornby Eagles – Nest & Territory, Cumberland, BC, Canada (seasonal)

Indpendence & Franklin, Dollywood, Pigeon Forge, TN, USA

Lake Washington Eaglecam, WA, USA (out of alignment and offline for 2017)

Live Bald Eagle Cam, south central MN, USA

Live Bald Eagle Nest Camera,  Bartlesville, OK, USA (pending new cameras – they did not get them in time for 2017)

Live Eagle Cam, Blackwater Refuge, Cambridge, MD, USA

NE Florida Eagle Cam, Location is private, FL, USA

Pennsylvania Game Commission Eagle Cam, (infrared), Hanover, PA, USA

Raptor Resource Project Decorah Eagle Cam, #2, Decorah, IA, USA [3.22.17 – bird on nest]

RF EagleCam, River Farm, VA, USA

Sauces Bald Eagle Cam, Channel Islands National Park, CA, USA [3.31.17]

Sea eagle, Steinhude, Wunstorf, Germany (daylight hours)

Sea-EagleCAM, Newington Armory, Sydney Olympic Park, NSW, Australia [CAM is down as of 3.22.17, but is scheduled to come back up by May 1st, 2017 – perhaps earlier]

Southwest Florida Eagle Camera, Fort Myers, FL, USA [3.31.17]

Two Harbors Eagles, Santa Catalina Island, CA, USA [3.31.17]

The Wetland Eagles, Seagoville, TX, USA [3.31.17]

White-Tailed Eagle nest (Rétisas fészek webkamera), Sumen, Hungary [3.31.17]

Falcons/Peregrines [3.22.17]

Anacapa Peregrine Falcon Cam, Channel Islands, CA, USA

Bath Feed 1, Bath, England, UK

Boswell Cam 1, Boswell Energy Center, Cohasset, MN, USA

Camera #1 – Nest Camera, Charles Sturt University, Orange, NSW, Australia

City of South Bend Peregrine Falcon Cam, South Bend, IN, USA [bird on site]

Critter Cam #1, The Wildlife Center of Virginia, Waynesboro, VA, USA

DPC Alma Falcon Cam, Alma City, MN, USA

Falcon Cam, Omaha, NE, USA [egg in nest]

Jackson County Falconcam, Jackson, MI, USA [bird on nest]

Live NestCam, (Peregrines), Columbus, OH, USA

Mill Creek Falcon Cam, LG&E’s Mill Creek Generating Station, Louisville, KY, USA [bird at nest]

Peregrine, Gemert, Netherlands [3.26.17]

Peregrine Falcon, Chesapeake Conservancy, Annapolis, MD, USA [bird on nest]

Pitt Peregrine Falcon, University of Pittsburgh, PA, USA [bird on nest]

Raptor Resource Project Great Spirit Bluff Falcon Cam, Dresbach, MN, USA

Red Deer RDRN Telus Tower Peregrine Nest Box, AB, Canada [off air]

Red Wing Grain Falcons, Red Wing, MN, USA

RFalconCam, Rochester, NY, USA

Sakers On-Line, Conservation of Falco Cherrug in NE Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia, Hungary (if you get the text over the cam, it is telling you the cam operates during Hungarian daylight hours only, as it is operated by solar panels).

Scarborough Yellow Pages Group Nest Webcam (Peregrines), ON, Canada [site says it will be online soon]

Sussex Heights Brighton Peregrine Falcons Nestbox Webcam, #2, #3, Brighton, East Sussex, UK [bird on site]

Veraview’s Statler City Falcon Cam, Buffalo, NY, USA [bird on perch]



Red-tailed Hawks, Ithaca, NY, USA

Ospreys [4.5.17]

Audubon Osprey Nest, Hog Island, Bremen, Maine, USA

Dunedin Osprey Cam, FL, USA [may be offline as of 3.22.17]

Golden Gate Osprey, San Francisco, CA, USA

Great Horned Owls, #2, Savannah, GA, USA [Ospreys have taken over this nest]

Hellgate Canyon Nest Cam, Missoula, MO, USA [cam offline 3.22.17, but site is active, so try it]

Live Osprey Nest Camera, Lolo, MT, USA [cam offline 3.22.17, but site is active, so try it]

Loch of the Lowes Webcam, Dunkeld, Scotland, UK

Osprey, Chesapeake Conservancy, Annapolis, MD, USA

Osprey, Steinhude, Wunstorf, Germany (daylight hours)

Rusty and Iris, International Owl Center, Houston, TX USA

Severna Park Osprey, Severna Park High School, Severna Park, MD, USA [two birds on the nest]

Skidaway Osprey 2, Skidaway Island, GA, USA

Vultures [3.23.17]

Black Vulture Next Cam, DE, USA [bird on nest]

Buzzard Camera, Estonian Ornithological Society, Estonia

Critter Cam 3, The Wildlife Center of Virginia, Waynesboro, VA, USA

Fedex Condor Cam, Oakland Zoo’s Steven and Jackie Kane Condor Recovery Center, CA, USA [out of focus, but streaming]

Vultures Cam, Dierenpark Amersfoort, Amersfoort, Netherlands


Aria e Vento (Birds of prey), Rome, Italy

Galliformes [3.22.17]

Chickens, fowl, grouse, hens, pheasants, quails and turkeys


The HenCam, Boston, MA

ChookCam, Northbridge, NWS, Australia


4-H Egg Cam, Lincoln, NE (seasonal)

Gaviiformes – Loons

Live Loon Cam, central Minnesota, USA (seasonal) – Loons did not return to nest in 2016, watch to see if they do in 2017.

Passeriformes – Songbirds

Bluebirds, chicadees, martins starlings, swallows, tits, wrens

Bluebird Nest Box, Mendon Ponds County Park, NY, USA (seasonal, arrive in early Spring)

Great Tit, Estonia [3.25.17]

Great Tit, Zeist, Netherlands (seasonal)

Starlings, Zeist, Netherlands (seasonal)

Barn Swallow, Steinhude, Wunstorf, Germany (daylight hours)

Purple Martin Colony, Rochester, NY, USA (seasonal, birds arrive in April)

House Wren Cam, NY, USA (seasonal)

Phasianidae – Grouse

USFW Grouse Lek, Central Oregon, OR, USA [Scheduled to stream soon – 3.22.17]

Phoenicopteriformes – Flamingos

Flamingo Cam, Marwell Zoo, South Downs National Park, Winchester, Hampshire, England, UK

Flamingo Webcam, Chester Zoo, Cheshire, England, UK

Flamingos, Reid Park Zoo, Tucson, AZ, USA [3.23.17]

Procellariidae – Petrels [3.25.17]

CahowCam, The Cornell Lab, Castle Islands Nature Reserve, Bermuda

Procellariiformes – Albatross

Laysan Albatross, Kauai, HI, USA (seasonal)

Psittaciformes – Cockatoos, Mawcaws and Parrots [3.23.17]

Backyard Galah Cam, Goulburn, NSW, Australia

Merlin the Talking Parrot, Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, Halifax, NS, Canada

Watch the Birdie (African Grey Parrot), USA

Sphenisciforms – Penguins

Above Water Penguin Cam, Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach, CA, USA

APL!VE African Penguins, Animal Planet L!ve (seasonal)

Below Water Penguin Cam, Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach, CA, USA

Genloo and Rockhopper Penguins, Milwaukee County Zoo, WI, USA [3.22.17]

Humboldt Penguins, Milwaukee County Zoo, WI, USA [3.22.17]

Live Penguin Cam, California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, CA, USA [3.23.17]

Live Penguin Cam, Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens, Burford, UK

Penguin Cam, Edinburgh Zoo, Scotland, UK

Penguin Cam, Kansas City Zoo, Kansas City, MO, USA [3.23.17]

Penguin Cam, Monterey Bay Aquarium, CA, USA – 7 a.m.–5 p.m. Pacific Time; feeding times vary, check cam for daily feeding schedule

Penguin Cam, The Vancouver Aquarium, Vancouver, BC, Canada [3.25.17]

Penguin Webcam, Chester Zoo, Cheshire, England, UK

Penguins Rock Cam, Tennessee Aquarium, Chattanooga, TN, USA

Shore Cam/Swim Cam, Maryland Zoo, Baltimore, MD, USA [3.23.17]

Sternidae – Terns

Audubon Arctic Tern, Machias Seal Island, Grand Manan, US/CN (seasonal)

Common Tern, Steinhude, Wunstorf, Germany (daylight hours)

webcam Utopia, Wageningen Marine Research, Texel Island, Holland, Netherlands [3.26.17]

Strigiformes – Owls

Alessondra’s OKC Great Horned Owl-Cam, Kansas City, Missouri, USA [seasonal]

Arne Live Video, RSPB Arne Reserve, Dorset, England, UK [Barn Owls – seasonal]

Athena, An Eastern Screech Owl, Houston, TX, USA Offline until October 2017]

Barncam, Cornwall, England, UK [3.22.17 – nest is empty, but cam is live]

Barn Owl, Zeist, Netherlands (seasonal) – Scheduled to restart March 2017

Barn Owl Nestbox Webcam, Lorton Meadows Nature Preserve, Weymouth, Dorset, England, UK [Owls in box]

Burrowing Owl Cam, Broward County, FL

Little Owl Cam, Zeist, Netherlands (seasonal) – [ Owl and eggs on nest]

Long-eared Owl Nest Cam, Owl Research Institute, Missoula VAlley, MT, USA

Nestcam, Cornwall, England, UK [Nest is empty, but cam is live]

Owl Cam 2 External & Songbirds, Sparrowhawk Island, Cheshire, England, UK

owlceanside, Oceanside, CA, USA

Screech Owl Nest Box, Grapevine, TX, USA

Starr Ranch Barn Owls, Trabuco Canyon, CA, USA

Tawny Owl Camera, Läänemaa, Estonia [Owl on nest]

Tawny Owl Family, Wild Meadows, Somerset, England, UK [Owl on nest]

Tawny Owls In the Yard, Limburg, Netherlands [Owlet!]

Struthionidae – Ostriches [3.25.17]

Giraffe & Ostrich Habitat Cam, Houston Zoo, Houston, TX, USA

Sulidae – Gannets [3.31.17]

Bass Rock 1, Scotland, UK

Trachiliformes – Hummingbirds [3.31.17]

Bella Hummingbird, La Verne, CA, USA [seasonal – nest on cam]

World of Hummingbirds!, Aliso Viejo, CA, USA

Non-specific [3.31.17]

Aviary Webcam, Monterey Bay Aquarium, CA, USA

Bird Watching Cam, Casa Bonita, Caribbean, Netherlands

Brownsea Lagoon, Brownsea Island, Dorset, England, UK

EagleCrest Wildlife, Prather, CA, USA

Feeding Birds In DK Garden, Copenhagen, Denmark [runs Nov -> Feb, sometimes longer]

Feeder Cam, West Wickam, Bromley, England, UK

Live San Francisco Bay Center, International Bird Rescue, CA, USA

Montrose Basin Webcam (migratory birds), Montrose, Scotland, UK

Ontario FeederWatch, The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Manitouwadge, ON, Canada

Urdaibai Reserve, Urdaibai Bird Center, Bizkaia, Spain

Wildlife Kate Cams, Lichfield, England, UK