International News

If you are considering moving to another country because the country you are in isn’t meeting your needs, research carefully. Make sure you will still have accessibility through language, medical benefits and supportive legislation. Make sure financially you will do as well (perhaps better) than where you are now.

And be aware, in many places politics change from time-to-time. International moves are huge for many of us, and it stinks to get somewhere only to find out what you really need isn’t there. I’ve added news clips from various countries as I find them to help understand the local environs. I hope it is helpful.



Months later, senators still seeking answers on disability tax credit,” by Jesse Snyder, The Province, 06.27.18

European Union



Japan companies in ‘hiring war’ to hit disability targets,” by Kana Inagaki, Financial Times, 05.09.18

United Kingdom

Parkinson’s and MS patients spared benefit retesting in U-turn,” by Patrick Butler, The Guardian, 06.18.18

Access to disability pension slashed by more than half, data shows,” by Christopher Knaus, The Guardian, 06.07.18

Government extends disability benefit contracts for ‘failing’ private firms,” by May Bulman, Independent, 06.05.18

Graduates with disabilities struggling to find work with lack of support,” by Sorcha Pollak, The Irish Times, 05.30.18

National disability insurance scheme complaints reach record level,” by Christopher Knaus, The Guardian, 05.28.18

United States

She cleaned for $3.49 an hour. A gas station just offered her $11.25,” by Danielle Paquette, The Washington Post, 06.21.18

Disability Applications Plunge as the Economy Strengthens,” by Nelson D Schwartz, The New York Times, 06.19.18

Abuse Deterrent Formulations are a Critical Step in Solving the Opioid Crisis,” by Doug Schoen, Forbes, 06.18.18

The surprising ways design can help people with disabilities,” by Erin Blakemore, The Washington Post, 05.27.18

As more cancer patients survive, workplace protections fall short,” by Glenn Howatt, StarTribune, 05.21.18

VA’s Caregiver Program Still Dropping Veterans With Disabilities,” by Quil Lawrence, NPR, 05.21.18

Senators, watchdog hit Social Security over closed offices and poor service,” by Joe Davidson, The Washington Post, 05.15.18

Ailing ‘blue water’ veterans of Vietnam are closer to gaining VA benefits,” by Tim Philpott, Stars and Stripes, 05.10.18

For many, disability is part of what it means to be human“, by Andrew Jack, Financial Times, 05.09.18

Microsoft launches $25M program to use AI for disabilities,” by Matt O’Brien, AP News, 05.07.18