International News

If you are considering moving to another country because the country you are in isn’t meeting your needs, research carefully. Make sure you will still have accessibility through language, medical benefits and supportive legislation. Make sure financially you will do as well (perhaps better) than where you are now.

And be aware, in many places politics change from time-to-time. International moves are huge for many of us, and it stinks to get somewhere only to find out what you really need isn’t there. I’ve added news clips from various countries as I find them to help understand the local environs. I hope it is helpful.


European Union

Attempted Suicides by Disability Benefit Claimants More Than Double After Introduction of Fit-to-Work Assessment“, by May Bulman and Alina Polianskaya, Independent, 12.28.17


After Protests, Israel Approves NIS 1.45 B. Increase in Disability Funds“, by Lidar GravĂ©-Lazi, The Jerusalem Post, 12.24.17

United Kingdom

Winter Games Boost for Welsh Para-Skier Menna Fitzpatrick“, by Tom Brown, BBC, 12.19.17

Autism at Christmas: ‘My Son Likes to Lock Himself In His Room’“, by Samantha Fisher, BBC, 12.18.17

Child Mental Health Spending Drops“, by Shelley Jofre, BBC, 12.18.17

Depression: ‘I Kept My Head Down to Survive the Day at Work’“, by Katherine Sellgren, BBC, 12.18.17

Scientists Sniff Out Parkinson’s Disease Smell“, by Elizabeth Quigley, BBC, 12.18.17

The Comedian Who Can’t See His Audience“, by Lucy Edwards, BBC, 12.17.17

Disabled School Transport Cuts Prompt Safety Fears“, by Rachel Flint, BBC, 12.16.17

Thousands of Disability Benefit Tests Branded ‘Unacceptable’ Under Government’s Own Quality Control Scheme“, by Dan Bloom, Mirror, 12.5.17

UN Disability Rights Convention to be Ratified After 10-Year Delay“, by Aine McMahon, The Irish Times, 12.5.17

Inquiry Into Disability Benefits ‘Deluged’ by Tales Of Despair“, by Rowena Mason, the Guardian, 11.27.17

Disability Advocacy Groups Warn Funding Withdrawal May Force Them to Close“, by Christopher Kane, the Guardian, 11.26.17

United States

The Case for Improving Work for People with Disabilities Goes Way Beyond Compliance,” by Laura Sherbin and Julia Taylor Kennedy, Harvard Business Review, 12.27.17

Republican Tax Bill Cuts Tax Credits for Businesses That Hire Disabled Workers“, by Max Diamond, The News & Observer, 11.28.17

597 Days. and Still Waiting.“, by Terrence McCoy, The Washington Post, 11.20.17

Explaining Our Bodies, Finding Ourselves“, by Molly McCully and Susannah Nevision, The New York Times, 11.15.17