If It’s Not Me – It’s You

When we can identify with each other it is a good thing – we are more human to each other and as a result we consider each others needs in addition to our own. But I can’t identify without communication. I can’t guess what your experience is (I mean, I can guess, but I will probably get it very wrong). So tell me what you are feeling, what you are about, what you believe in, what makes you You. Continue reading If It’s Not Me – It’s You

The Movement to L-O-V-E Ourselves

No need to be rude, by the way, just pointing out inconsistencies is enough to make more and more folks in our community consider whether the organizations which claim to be serving them, which are gobbling up funds which really should be earmarked for programs that benefit who we are and not who others would have us be, are really the organizations they want to spend time with. Because there is an alternative – and it’s a pretty awesome one too. Continue reading The Movement to L-O-V-E Ourselves

Dear Young Person In the Restaurant

Dear young person in the restaurant, I don’t ever want to have to have a conversation with you where you are struggling against the ablistic ideas which are pumping so strongly through your veins that you think the proper option might be death rather than to reconsider those ideas and ideals. I don’t ever want your life at risk because society has told you my life is so damn awful it’s amazing I haven’t killed myself already. Continue reading Dear Young Person In the Restaurant