Black Roses

© 2017. All Rights Reserved.

God save me writing of black roses;
As I sign for the bouquet.
Spiritual as black absorbing colors –

Strong as gravitational forces –
Intercepting –
Ingesting –
Influencing –
Everything – never releasing.
Green thorns embed my hands.

Is the bed purified now –
Has the fertile soil returned –
Knowing black roses do not grow.

They come blooming –
Pre-packaged –
Void of the need to grow.

Tossed into fire —
Reviving again
As if I missed their calling
To be shaped round, dried
Into a crown
Embedded forever.

Has life forsaken me –
Imperfect –
Impeding –
Inundating –
Delivering black roses
In denial of my strength?

Black roses cling to me.
Bind them with a bow,
Place in Luxor stem vases –
Rows and rows and rows.
I stand tall – as I did before,
Under the weight of black roses.