Sky Windows

© 2015. All Rights Reserved.

I live in the blue
Victorian built long ago,
On the second floor
In a bed.

There’s cable TV;
Laptop; refrigerator;
Desktop printer inking the
Forms of my life.

aides come and go,
tidy and straighten,
organize and
make deliveries from downstairs.

These people notice,
“My this works out well for you!”
I cherish what they miss.

A western wall —
Precious gifts,
Equidistant from each end —
Two Sky Windows…

Two vacuous rectangles
Sealed with glass.
Laying perpendicular in bed
Leaves me looking up,
through Sky Windows.

Peeking through birches,
Over rooves,
Into clouds below
Nitrogen blue skies.

Sky Windows harbor vicious skies —
Lightening, thunder;
Winds bending trees;
Hail pinging, popping, pinging.

small hail pings,
larger hail pops,
huge hail THUDS

Clouds eventually part,
Sun shines,
Windows magnify warmth —
Little voices begin to chatter…

Who is it? What happened?!?
There is no way to know
Through a Sky Window….


Anxious quiet begets
Laughter all about.
Relief pushes my held breath out.

Dogs bark,
Balls bounce,
Neighbors gossip,
Mufflers pummel by.

I know they pass,
Doppler tells me so —
Pushing waves of sound
North to south – south to north.

As they rumble past
Fish scale clouds appear.
“Rain is coming,”
Sky Windows say.

Sky Windows teach me
Grey shadows start each day,
‘Til blue skies stand broad,
Fading to bronze, orange, pinks, violets – black.

Trees block but the brightest stars.
Moon visits brighten nights.
Snow falls reflect light until
Tree branches are clear as day.

Night brings still and quiet.
Try to sleep.


Vibration, constant, growing —
Sky Windows shake, bed wiggles, bells ring.
Freight trains fly by the crossing.

Strangers wake with a start.
While I lie awake counting cars —
See small cracks from
Ceiling to Sky Window pane.

I worry momentarily –
Cracks get larger, longer…
Where would I be without Sky Windows?
I shudder and try sleep again.