Snowflake Strong

© 2015. All Rights Reserved.

We think we are so weak,
‘Tender as a snowflake,’ they’ll say –
But I am strong, I am, I am!
As strong as that little snowflake.

One snowflake can brighten a person’s day,
Like mine!  Or his, or hers or yours!
It needn’t stick or gather or stay –
Its being is enough to lift frowns into smiles.

That snowflake can bring
Fond memories –
Running up the hill –
Again –

A snowflake holds a promise –
It says, “You are like me!”
Soft –
Without fear of change or transition.

Just one snowflake falling softly to the ground
Wrote this –
As nurses and doctors, family and friends
Lovingly gathered ’round.

They worry for me – think I am weak,
Needing such nurture and care,
But I have dreams and thoughts –
So much to share.

Perhaps one day they will see
The snowflake in me
Isn’t wispy or fragile at all –
Just a passing gift, like us all.