Loss’ Freedom

© 2017. All Rights Reserved.

The house is empty –
Now I can flush whenever I want to –
Sleep when I want –
Watch what I want
Go where I want when I want.

No schedule –
Concern for another.

Quiet or loud if I want –
Eat when I want –
Clean when I want –
Dress when I want –
Shower (or not) as I want.

Cats – two cats
Demand minimal attention.

Sift litter twice a day –
Keep water in bowls.
Feed one twice a day –
For the other keep food full.
Groom, pet and play.

Their slight chores
Ensure discipline.

Is this freedom?
What everyone wants?
To do or not do
When or whenever
However little or much?

Trying it on –
Expensive its price.

Freedom’s size
Seems a terrible fit –
Foreign fabric with an itch –
Tight where it ought be loose.
Does one grow into it?

Perhaps with time
One learns to tolerate.