Saying Goodbye

©2017. All Rights Reserved.

Mum is sick.
Please don’t die.
I’m selfish.
I love you.
Don’t want to live without you,
Without your smile –
Even when it is sometimes
Lost and confused.

Mum is eighty –
She’s tells everyone proudly.
I am shamed by the thoughts
Which transpire within me.
Eighty is getting old –
Soon the time will come.
Please don’t die.

Mum is tired.
She aches
Her body complains.
She wants to leave,
Find a way out –
But she is afraid,
So she stays.
Please don’t die.

But if time comes for you to go,
Know I love you so much –
So much I never want you to go.
But it’s not my choice,
So don’t stay for me—
Don’t hold on for me—
Just go when it is time.
I’ll still hold on,
Love never lets go.