She Rests

© 2017. All Rights Reserved.

Sadness envelopes me –
Words harnessed out of reach.
She rests peacefully –
Shallow grooves around her cheeks.

Her true love by her side –
In rusty fur he rests –
Watching concerned –

He does not know how much he does
His purrful song begins –
Calms and comforts
Hides his regret.

I think he knows the time is soon –
As do I, as do I.
I tear silently in the chair by her bed –
In hopes she will not stir.

We need not be afraid –
Knowing her saintly way.
There is a place for her –
A need beyond the grave.

She will rise like the phoenix –
Perhaps to her surprise –
To love, care and warm
Wherever her soul should stride.