The Taking

© 2017. All Rights Reserved.


Pilfering has started –
Musts, don’ts, dos
Begun –
She is barely gone.

Gratitude for pilfers’
Distant lands.
Contact –
Limited scope.

Still, writing’s on the wall –
None to find
In her passing.

Desire is for her stuffs –
It be.
Give it to us!

Where is their compassion –
Love is said,
Yet not
Found in action.

Words do not trump our acts –
Surely not now.
Fear pounds
Hearts to the side.

Grief’s hard on relations –
Behavior coarse,
Consideration –

Of all she meant to us –
Our feelings lie
Through grief’s

Let us see far beyond
Grief’s dismal games.
Reaching out
Past dismal shores.

Grief’s acts hide one more thing –
Memory’s loss
Within our deeds.