This First Mother’s Day

© 2017. All Rights Reserved.

The first Mother’s day
Without a mom –
I cry and sob
In my quiet way.

A smell arises –
I see a plate in my mind –
Soft warm cookies
Put a smile on my face.

Then something cool –
Green in a pitcher –
On the porch
We drank Kool-aide.

I shared my first
Green River with her,
At Woolworth’s counter
With a patty melt.


I told her about my first date –
With that guy she didn’t like.
She was right, of course –
Later he stole my bike!

Mom dabbed all my wounds –
Sprayed stuff to make them sting –
Then a tap, a kiss
And a little band-aide.

Mom taught me how to tie my shoes –
How to put my socks on straight.
She often combed my hair
And wiped a washcloth cross my face.

And none of this is far away –
And none will ever be gone…
Cuz even though I’m alone today –
Her caring carries me along.

To all the mom’s here today,
For all who’ve gone away,
Thank you for everything –
In our hearts you’ll always stay.