How the Gecko Died

© 2018. All Rights Reserved.

This is how the Gecko died…
Wait, first you should know the Gecko –
A misguided little creature of,
Some would say, minimal significance.

It ran and scurried and frolicly played
From a place of happiness –
Eating flies and spiders – any bug that flew
Until its tummy was full and pleased.

So the Gecko lived,
Happy and content,
Without much worry or concern –
Though life was far from easy.

The Gecko believed in a Power,
A great gift to offer the world –
Happiness, no matter what hardship,
Fragility, Burden or Woe.

Everywhere the Gecko went it
Spread a message of joy, peace
Of contentment, release.
And so the Gecko, you see, felt capable of these things.

It lifted the Gecko’s spirit,
For what many did not know
Was the pain the Gecko felt
With each movement, slither and suctioned toe.

The Gecko wasn’t shy about the life it had to live –
It never hid the hardship of growing up an undesired hatchling.
The Gecko hadn’t always been happy or glad or free
Of the feelings hatchlings feel when no one sees them —
Protects them –
Nurtures them –
Comforts them.

Yes, for many years the Gecko weighed heavily
What it did to push others away –
Lashing out angrily at how people would say
The Gecko wasn’t right or normal or okay.

Though all that be true, there were these kind few
Who would befriend the Gecko in its darkest days.
They shared their own trials and hardships –
Offered hope that someday the Gecko might wake and smile.

The Gecko would try to put on a pleasing face,
To tell jokes and make others believe the Gecko
Knew life was worthwhile –
Inside the Gecko did not know this –
Not one bit –
Not one bit –
Not one at all.

One day the Gecko thought, “Who would miss me at all?
“Who would care or be concerned should I never come home?
“Or slither hither or far?
“Probably no one at all,” thought the Gecko – “No one at all.”

Then the Gecko remembered the kind ones,
The ones the Gecko promised to try for –
So late into the night the Gecko sought a way
To leave forever without them knowing.

The Gecko considered an accidental fall
Into the river, drowning somewhere downstream,
But with those dang suction feet
Who would ever believe?

The Gecko bought a rare book,
Full of the ways and the means to do the deed –
Studying it well the Gecko came to see
There was nary a way to leave and deceive.

But one day the Gecko saw a path,
A way to go which would cause no one to ask
Why or how or what could have been done –
Just lay on the road in the sun!

What a pleasant way to go,
What a pleasant thing indeed–
So first thing next morning the Gecko ran through the grass
To find the first sun on that fine roadway path.

The Gecko lay there for some time-
Not as pleasant as it thought –
Warm sun felt good –
But the heart did not.

But the Gecko stayed,
The feelings weren’t much worse –
The fear was strong –
But it would be quick, it wouldn’t hurt.

Finally the Gecko began to feel a vibration,
Then a rumble and a very strong fear –
Every instinct advised a quick dart off the road –
But the Gecko laid still; suctioned to the path –
Of Freedom from despair,
From pain,
From loveless hearts.

And it came, yes it CAME –
Very quick, very quick!
The strangest noise it made –
A shriek so horrific that the Gecko did run –
The car did swerve!

The Gecko was stunned as the tire hit a nerve
And two feet and a tail as it passed!
The Gecko laid there,
Very Still,
And part flat.

A crow flew up above –
Saw the Gecko below; eyes open.
What the crow could not know
Is the Gecko was alive!
Very alive!
Very still.

It could not seem to move,
Though the Gecko heard that crow
Calling to other crows saying,
“Look! Dinner’s here!”

It wanted to move,
To dart for the grass!
But the body would not comply.
The crow swooped down and began to peck –
Prod –
Toy –

Suddenly a breath; mighty and firm
Filled the Gecko’s lungs –
Moved blood where it could and the Gecko’s
Lightening front feet made a dart for the weeds.

The crows followed but soon had other concerns
As wrens and warblers took aim
Due to their own nesting feuds.
And the Gecko lay
Very still,

Who knows how long the Gecko laid there –
With back legs flat and nothing left of its tail?
All anyone says is somehow, some way
That Gecko crawled out one day.

“What a mess!” they all said –
They were right, yes they were –
The Gecko’s dead feet were rugged and flat –
With a bulbous black growth throbbing on top.

It didn’t get much better for a while after that,
Teases and taunts –
Jests and jokes about tongues –
But somewhere, somehow, the Gecko’s view changed.

And that is when the Gecko found peace,
Happiness and good will –
Not a resentment toward anyone.
The Gecko felt good; its heart still.

So the Gecko started to share
This new view of life and folks –
“We’re all on a journey,
“Even I with just two foot!”

And the people changed their tune too –
“What a great Gecko,” they thought.
After all this hard life
He’s so happy; why not us?

So they tried similar things –
Working hard for every one.
Who could let go?
Try to think only of what they could do
For someone,
Anyone at all.

And so it grew and grew and all would say
It was the Gecko who started it in the
Gecko’s own special way when the
Gecko did lie on that fateful roadway.

Some expounded and said the Gecko died;
Some said the crows were ten feet tall!
But the Gecko stayed calm and peaceful –
Right-sized through it all.

Then, one day, a gecko appeared from afar –
Similar challenges, similar fate –
But still not happy,
Not free –
Carrying an unbearable weight –
This gecko walked away from its life.

Maybe some place new –
Maybe different folks would see –
This sad little gecko
Had something more to be.

But this sad gecko had nothing good to say –
Not about life or about hope
And certainly not that happy Gecko –
All that came forth was disparaging.

The happy Gecko told its truth,
Maintained its integrity –
It truly believed all were supposed to be happy –
And this new gecko, too, would someday find its way
To eat –
Sleep –
Enjoy all life had to offer.

The Gecko thought and even prayed
About what to do for this young gecko stray –
It decided to pull back, give it space –
But the unhappy sprite would lure the happy Gecko back –

Would tell the happy Gecko it lied –
They were not denying –
Attacking –
Arguing –
Debating –
But they were, the happy Gecko thought –
Indeed they were.

A strange thing began to happen to that happy Gecko –
It began to feel alone –
Bewildered –
Lost –
No one could see it happening,
But the happy Gecko lost its way.

That sad gecko would not let it be –
Would not miss an chance to defy.
Or claim defense from happiness –
So one day that happy Gecko
And Left.

It went back to the road
To lay quite still –
Asking with the greatest of humble calls
To become road kill.

And so it was the happy Gecko passed –
So wanting to blame others –
That unhappy gecko foremost –
But the Gecko knew what was what.

A glitter of hope flickered bright for a while –
But reality set in and there could be no more denial –
This road was never meant for this Gecko from birth –
And that morning a tire took him from earth.

Somehow they knew, each and every one –
That Gecko knew better than to lie in the sun
On a road,
On a highway
Or any such sort –
And the bowed –
Prayed –
Some even
Kicked stones –
‘Cause it’s never okay when a Gecko leaves earth alone.

Never okay at all, not it’s not –
But it happens you see –
Sometimes even after the greatest miracles –
It happens.

There’s no lesson here –
Nothing to be learned –
No moral, no message –
Just life undisturbed.

Crossing paths at
Just the right time –
And just the wrong –
Like everyday, everyday I’ve known.

So if happiness comes your way –
Let it be and enjoy –
If it doesn’t –
You don’t have to be brave.

We’ll never know why lives turn
Like the Gecko’s for naught –
Then for all –
Then naught.
But I really liked the Gecko –
Such a lovely soul.

More tender than I could know –
More tender than I could know.