Little Person

© 2018. All Rights Reserved.


The little person runs
Hither and dither –
To and fro –
Over and under.

“Follow me! Follow me!”
She says, so pleased.
“Not right now, not me.”


This answer could go deep –
Quick pause for thought –
“I am happy like the cat
Resting on the sofa.”


“Doesn’t the cat look happy?
Stretched as long as he can be –
Almost as tall as you!”
She runs wildly, giggling away.

Off into a room off the hallway –
Back out with pencils and pens.
“OH my, put those down,
It is dangerous to run with them.”


She giggles, dropping pens and pencils
Romping and running.
“I will pick them up for you –
Put them away.”


“Why? Perhaps you are right.
Perhaps YOU should put them away!”


I ponder the answer – but there is none –
There is no need, not in this moment.
“Okay, we won’t put them away –
Not right now.”


Giggles and laughter.
I laugh too; tell her I love her.


“Why not?”



More laughter.

“Well, why do I love you?”
Silence – immediate –
She stops, still, she pauses,
Head tilts and she begins.

“Because I have curly hair.
Because I have a doll.
Because I pet the cat nicely.
Because I am very, very pretty?”

“Because one day I will be a princess…
Princess of the entire world!
And I will give you whatever you want –
As long as you curtsy right.”

“Really? All that,” I ask?
“Is that why I love you?”

She continues that she eats her peas,
Which she does not like at all.
And giggles she feeds the cats
(Which she does not do at all).

hen she looks concerned –
Like a lost child in the supermarket.
She says, quietly, “Do you love me?”
“Of course I do!”

And she runs,
Jumps upon me
Hugs me
“More than anything, I love you.”