Pond Side With My Kin

© 2018. All Rights Reserved.

I sit pond side enjoying the calm breeze,
Picking through stones as I please.
When suddenly a small, rock disc appears
To dance upon the pond surface –

Then another and another, and I look behind me.

Brother is throwing dancing stones upon the water
And I dance on the shore with great glee
Mimicking the stones which flew yonder onto the pond.
He passes me a stone to throw, it sinks.

Then another and another, until I sob.

Unable to fill the stones with the magic of dance.
My brother gestures me to stop, watch.
Him swing his arm back low and tilt a bit to one side
And pitch the stone sidearm and parallel to the water.

Then another and another, until I know.

I watch several times before my next throw.
Then back flies my arm and forward it thrusts
And the rock dances and skips upon the water,
And I smile and giggle upon the shore.

Then another and another, till I dance with glee.

My brother smiles, continuing to pitch beautiful stones
I continue to dance upon them, around him,
Singing and giggling as the sun shines brightly upon our faces.
My big brother and I, in unity upon the lake’s shore.