Summer Salts

©2018. All Rights Reserved.

She jumps and somersaults
With long Goldilocks hair
I watch through pain of assaults
As she jumps through blue air.

She wears purple and green
In a velvet crisp delight
I’m in simple blue jeans
Dignified but not right.

For she dances and plays, none worse
And owns the world
I sit and relax and watch, writing verse
Haunted she knows not her peril.

For she is just a girl, young
Nothing yet to remind her
No harms on her tongue
No exploitation has unfurled

In her wonderful, playful world

And women who know,
Who save the girl and do not tell,
Are we saints of quid pro quo?
Or gatekeepers of future’s hell?

Fathers protect
Mothers forget
Little boys never fret
When girls are first beset.

Shouldn’t we tell them?
Warn them somehow –
Or would that just harm them
And ruin play in the now?

She jumps and somersaults
So freely and gay
I watch from the pain of assaults
And pray she forgives me some day.