Medical Marijuana Survey

I am working on a presentation on medical marijuana. I have spoken to so many folks who either use it, or wish they could and have heard so many different things about it.  I want to learn more.

You can help by taking a survey I have created on Survey Monkey. The survey is looking for folks who have considered, used or are currently using medical marijuana to treat a specific health condition. So this isn’t about just getting high — that’s a different type of use.

If you have ever considered, used or are currently using medical marijuana, please consider completing the survey at the link below. When providing comments, please avoid including any personally identifiable information, such as names of persons, organization, dispensaries, doctors (you get the idea) or their specific location. The survey does ask folks provide their state/province and country. This is solely to relate the answers to the current legislation in that part of the world.

My hope is to put together a presentation to help folks who are considering adding medical marijuana to their treatment plan better navigate the system and understand the pros (benefits) and cons (risks). I am hoping to be able to provide international information and contrast how various parts of the world are addressing concerns.

The short list of concerns includes legal, product integrity and perceived benefit. But the survey may identify more considerations — that is my hope.  There is also an opportunity in the survey for those who have considered using, used or currently use medical marijuana to share what they would want someone who is considering using it to know. So here is the survey – please email me if there are any issues:

Result Information

Please check back here for result information.

Again, once I schedule the presentation, I will post the date, time and location and venue on the blog.