Recent Updates

1/5 – Added additional news articles on disability.

1/4 – New blog post, “The Thing About Country Music”

1/3 – Added sidebar back — when did I remove it?

1/1 – Updated news posts.

3/22 – Updated an old post on Regimen and Discipline. Also, in process of checking and updating webcam links.

6/16 – Added Be Vocal calendar, will post blog about it shortly. Have been updating links ans such throughout, but will hopefully be able to blog more frequently now.

2/17 – Added additional web cam links to Slovenia, Italy and Spain.

2/14 – Have several posts in the works and posted one today. Also added more links to webcams, some very special ones that remind her of a trip to a beach in the Dominican Republic.  That led to quite a few more, so lots more options now.

1/26 – Added to and modified Disclaimer and Tos page. Created Acknowledgements Page.

1/25 – Added Upbeat Alley and changed name of Resources Page to A-Z Resources. Revised most recent blog post.  Moved Medical Marijuana Survey to A-Z Resources page and updated it to remove presentation date and expected venue, as it may no longer be Second Life. Broke out animal webcam page into multiple pages to make it easier to navigate.

1/24 – Updated cam pages with more links.  Added sports cam link.  Also added new Resources section which will provide information I found helpful as I transitioned from able-bodied to PWD with chronic pain and chronic illness. Finally, added a disclaimer and ToS to ensure alignment with the host site’s ToS. Enjoy!