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Many folks with chronic pain, chronic illness and/or disability consider a move after they are diagnosed, forced to leave the work force or get approved for SSI or SSDI. Why? Well, sometimes the environment plays a significant role in their condition, be it how industrialized (chemically saturated) it is, the weather, economics or the politics are simply such that they can’t live anywhere near equal to their able-bodied counterparts in their current location.

Sadly, many make moves that leave them in locations which are no better, and sometimes worse, than where they came from. It is important to research a move, in depth. Here I will place state news regarding how folks with chronic pain, chronic illness and/or disability are treated, state-by-state.

In addition, consider a move away from the United States. I love my country of birth, but it seems as if it’s primary feeling is that if you are disabled, you ought to be poor and grateful for whatever services you may receive without complaining about those you don’t get but need.

It’s a sad state of affairs. Hopefully I will be able to add more information about moving out of country as an ex-patriot until our fellow citizens can come to value us as they value themselves.

(Depending on how up-to-date I can stay, article links may be removed after six months. Regardless, check for updated information on older stories and alternative views in alternative publications to get a full picture on the topics below.)


Backlog of claims makes some wait nearly two years for Social Security disability hearings,” by Tim Sheehan, The Fresno Bee, 06.22.18

Disabled workers fear losing their jobs at California prison,” by Adam Ashton, The Sacramento Bee, 05.23.18





‘Not medically needed’: A private Medicaid manager is trying to slash a paralyzed Iowa man’s care. Again.,” by Tony Leys, Des Moines Register, 18.07.06


Direct-care agency bumps pay to attract new workers, reduce turnover,” by Rita Price, The Columbus Dispatch, 06.15.18


Savings plan helps Oregonians with disabilities save money and keep benefits,” by Corlyn Voorhees, The Oregonian, 07.06.18

VA continues home health care for disabled Oregon vet,” by Maxine Bernstein, The Oregonian, 06.15.18



Lawmakers avert crisis for adults with intellectual disabilities,” by Joe Lawlor, Portland Press Herald, 06.25.18


In major shift, state expands work opportunities for young people with disabilities,” by Chris Serres, Star Tribune, 06.09.18


‘Mental carnage’ awaits those who fall through safety net cracks in rural Mississippi,” by Anna Wolfe, Mississippi Clarion Ledger, 07.18


New Hampshire

New Jersey

NJ forces disabled Howell student to make brutal choice: internship or health aide money,” by Jerry Carino, USA Today, 05.21.18

New York

Extra funding could shorten nearly 2-year wait for Social Security hearings in Syracuse,” by James T Mulder,, 07.02.18




How UW, Microsoft are pitching in to help job-hunters with autism,” by Rachel Lerman, The Seattle Times, 05.24.18

Washington, DC