Upbeat Alley

Just things I enjoy or make me feel better when times are tough and life seems a struggle. Please share what lifts your spirits!

Dog Shaming website – very cute!

Little girl cries tears of joy after getting doll with a prosthetic leg (Video, 2:06, 6-3-16)

Baby Squirrel Gets a Little Help (Video, 4:00, 2-12-11)

Babies Discovering Their Shadows (Video, 2:41, 2-07-14)

David Letterman’s Bear Story (Video, 7:40, 9-22-03)

Text From Dog (some language here)

IKEA: The Other Letter (Video, 2:40)

Laughing Babies (Video, 3:07) – Dedicated to a friend who shared with me, when he is down, his spirits are always lifted by watching babies laugh.

Little Boy Learning to Blow Out a Candle With Confusing Assistance From His Sibling